DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Contra Los Vampiros Y Hombre Lobo Discoteca

by Tango Mangalore

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NEW ALBUM with title DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Contra Los Vampiros Y Hombre Lobo Discoteca OUT NOW.This February I find myself sexually excited to present another odd collaboration with DoCtor MuTantO which also features a slight glimpse of Background Projection.Recorded at home and mastered by Nikolas TheMute, delivers a surreal pattern of mutant n' spooky tunes,fun fun times, general tales of the absurd and all that are now available for you to FREE DOWNLOAD them on the Bandcamp page.

DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Contra Los Vampiros Y Hombre Lobo Discoteca is also available on the K-K-K-KrazEEE Formats of HYBRID CD and LATHE CUT 7" VINYL by Dark Liquid Records(more info about those at the store links)
It is of great importance(!) to understand that both will be very very limited releases, and the EXACT number of copies that will produced depends on the actual number of the preorders made. There will be no extra copies to buy from later. So if you are interested in having this one, don't miss the preorder!
PREORDER HERE: only from till February 20th. Don't sleep on these !

Pls Note that the hybrid Cd-Record (which will include the entire album without the Background Projection track and it will also be able to play its first song on a Turntable!!) and the Special Edition Transparent Lathe-Cut Record which will include the Background Projection collaboration and two songs with DoCtor MuTantO

Ladies and Disco Werewolves I give you...

DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Contra Los Vampiros Y Hombre Lobo Discoteca!Hope you like it.

Releeeeaasee The Χουεεεαρχουλφς.


released February 4, 2016

Special Thanks : DoCtor MuTantO,Mr.XIII,Dark Liquid Records,Santo,Nikolas TheMute,Superman Cubano,Vampiro,Iωνας,Mantha Vourtsh,Infection Van Odnak,Πιτσος,Zero,kRAKEN,
Στρατος(φιλος απο Τrapped In A Void :P),DulceTravestista,Mujeres Siniestras,The Sea,Disco Werewolf.



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Track Name: DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Time & The Mad Men

If you feel lonely in this world
if something happened and your heart
if the injustice will follow you home
Well I'm sorry...that's how it works!!!
Ever felt sad and torn apart
Ever saw people around you go mad
Tell me what is that they don't understand
and the HORROR they want

And as if this wasn't quite enough
There is a thing called the concept of time
Tick-Tock the time pass and waves you goodbye
Was it something you haven't done ?
Every once in a while
Take a minute to realise
That Nothing,Nothing really is as important as you may think
as serious as you like to thinks
Smile! that's the irony of it yessssh ?
Time is the essence that wears the heart
Madmen are people that drink your blood
I ll defeat them all and then I will shout
Go to hell...Everyone!
Track Name: DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Draculo (Other Version feat. Background Projection)
Track Name: DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Disco Werewolf

Even a man who's pure in heart
and drinks his liqueur late at night
may become wolf before the moon
and when the disco lights are bright.
He only wants to have some fun,
a couple shots and girls to dance.
Maybe he's gone a little far,
he turns,he turns AWooOOoOOOOOOooO

And if he knew it all along
he wouldn't mind to shave his balls.
A hairy proud man always was
and all the girls tits now he wants
He's drinking shots,He's drinking shots
A wild backflip he performs
and all the dancefloor now he owns
He is the DisCo XΟυεαΧουλφ ΑWOoooOOoOOOo

or else...Hombre Lobo Discoteca

or else...Γουεαγουφ

Track Name: Tango Mangalore - The Vampiric Lore [Bonus Track]
The Vampiric Lore
Lyrics :

In the shadows he has lived for so long
And the people were made drunk of his songs
In his tomb he will lure'em by night
And all beings were deceived
It's only fair to do the same with life
He lingers where there is no light
Sometimes it's fair to fool life
He lingers where there is no light
It's only fair to fool life
And a tuxedo he will wear
A rotten rose instead he bears
No one knew what his name was
He was The Great Vampiric Lore.
For no one saw The Great Undead
and lived a life so big to tell
And so the rumors were spread
Don't close your eyes when you're in bed
Don't turn your back against the dead
Unless you're eager to meet Death.
His coffin opens and he screams
He just pretends he never sleeps
And as tempting as it is
nobody wants the vampires kiss
For in this world we won't belong
Coffins,crypts are home sweet home
He has no other place to go
He was a Vampire after all!
And so millennia has passed
and never once a shadow cast
All beings fallen on his bite
He was a Vampire,never mind!
To drive a stick right through his heart
People hunt him in the dark
Ow what fools they really are?
No one can kill the Strigoi!
Track Name: Background Projection & Tango Mangalore - Atlantis Rising (The Observer) [Bonus Track]

Of all truths known one of the most horrible is that great evil
IS and always will live under The Great Sea.And it said that the
old inhabitants of the earth know this and those of them who were
gifted enough to stand the mortal life as astute observers still
wait for the sounds and music that the stars and space have
produced for them to listen to.And those who were infidels and
never believed in all entities that live underwater,will not be
punished in any fashion.Still they will bear hard and winding
lives without ever knowing the eternity,the beauty and the Magick
that the great Sea offers to one.For her founder is wise in all
things.And only a fool would choose to ignore these songs and
messages that have travelled countless aeons back to us to make
us young,beautiful and ageless in soul for evermore.Only a fool
would ignore his name sounding even in great distances as they
address you as their young.For the sound exists and it is not a
human sound.It is a sound for the human.A sound to exit the world
of the living and to allow him to elevate and open doorways to
experience horrible vistas and strange dimensions.Where all forms
are pure.Astral and Aquatic.Where injustice is unbeknownst between
its dwellers.Nor morality and mortal punity has place amongst them.
Only infinity and knowledge.For they are forever.
And the Observer knows this.
And the Magick...He Receives.