The Incredible Circus Of DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore

by DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore

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The Incredible Circus Of DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore .
A collaboration with Doctor MuTantO in the makings of such preposterous tunes in the 3 days.Enjoy all!


released October 25, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: DoCtor MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Distorted Circus
DAY 1:
This Be The Distorted Circus!
And We Be CRAZY ok?!

Lyrics :
In such times of distress
We forgot who we were
But you hold on my arms
Oh my love
See the things fall apart
and have power to say ''I WILL NOT''
Remember you're strong
despite what they told
My very own
A perfect world
Please come along
At the ''Distorted Circus''
I'll make it by my own
Just like i did before
For we thrived all along
At the 'Distorted Circus''
No need to run
See the curse dissolve
With Seas We walk.
Distorted circus!
Track Name: DoCtoR MuTantO & Tango Mangalore - Dead Carousel
Day 3:
And a little circus tune there never harmed anyone i suppose!Yet,It would appear that all sorts of crazy shit will be occurring on the Dead Carousel!Anyone brave enough would care for a ride?

Lyrics :

You wanna ride son?
C'mon now,gather around
while the circus is in town
How about a jolly night?
Have another glass of wine!
And spin here all night...
Put your troubles aside...
I'm telling you man...C'mon now!
You can have a wife or a whore!
if this is what you like!
I tell you no lie!
We Be Happy Here - SING OUT LOUD!

ooOOoOOOoOooo La LaLaLaLa La LaLa
LaLaLaLa La LaLa
ooOOoOOOoOooo La LaLaLaLa La LaLa
LaLaLaLa La LaLa

Fulfill your every desire.
Have a laugh and a lady like fire.
She be wearing no dress
Did you touch there her breasts?
C'mon now Please Don't Tell!!!
Hey Boy!Please take now this ticket
Stroke the head of a midget!
Please don't be so bitter...
Chop the head of a chicken!
And never again...